“Oi, Coaster. Are you ready to be in the army? ‘Cause yer here now, ain’t ya!”

Welcome to the Army of the Duke Jeoffrey Calinda, a force of criminals, farmers, and merchants. Whether you joined up voluntarily, to pay for your mother’s new hat, or were pressed into service, you will serve the army until you can find a way out.

Duke Calinda has his eyes on the ultimate prize, to have his own Kingdom. But there are those who would oppose them, such as the Duke of Leyovia, the Lord Errik, or the Lady of Han.

This is your introduction into the lands of Algalon. This is a land where a humble adventurer can make something for him or herself, and where an arrogant adventurer may wind up on the executioner’s block.

Who will claim the Title of King, and who will they betray to get what they want?

Lords of the River of Gold

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