Lords of the River of Gold

Chapter 1 Session 14

The Search for Mercy

As Mercy and Jeni languished in Orc prison, they found a way to sneak from their room and past the orcs guarding them. Hiding out in a store room, they eventually made their way around to Chief Bull’s personal chambers. There, they found a clearly traumatized woman who Mercy decided to rescue.

Dragging the woman with them proved to be too much for the two women, and they were shortly rounded up. They were punished for stealing Bull’s “favorite.” Jeni was separated from Mercy, and the watch was increased.

Meanwhile, Alice, Calvin, and Nix made their way towards the Orc camp. Chief Bull met them before they could conclude approach. He agreed to release one woman now and one woman after he was allowed to inspect Fort Copped for the mysterious Gift. The members of the unit agreed, despite Calvin’s intense desire to pound on Bull’s head.

Calvin continued to follow the Orcs back to their encampment, getting a more accurate understanding of the orcs.

Chief Bull returned to the Unit with Jeni in tow. Andre and Jeni could barely contain their joy at seeing each other again, and the Unit made their way back to Fort Copped without Mercy. With them traveled Bull’s lieutenant, Bek.

As night fell, Mercy was promised that she would become Bull’s “favorite,” and she was left in darkness wondering after her fate.


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