Lords of the River of Gold

Chapter 1 Session 15


As Mercy sat imprisoned and Koram literally held down the Fort, Nix, Alice, and Calvin returned to Fort Copped with Bek, one of the powerful Orcs.

Nix and Alice talked to the Orc, learning more about the unique nature of Orcs and what had brought these orcs to this area. Bek told them about how Chief Bull brought this tribe north, across the River. He told them that a Chief was challenged by a strong member of the tribe and how Bek believed that he would be the next Chief, when Bull was weak.

Calvin slipped back from the pack to see if they were being followed at all. He spotted a single human following. It turned out that the hunters of the area were very concerned by this apparent truce between the Fort and the orcs. Calvin assured them that this was not the case. The hunter and Calvin agreed that any orcs the hunters killed would be rewarded by Calvin and the Fort.

Alice, Calvin, and Nix developed a plan to ensure the safety of the Fort and Mercy and it was shortly thereafter that they convinced Bek that Alice should be allowed to travel ahead to warn the Fort of their arrival.

Once there, she began to help Koram prepare the Fort for the Orc’s searching eyes, covering anything they may want to take.


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