Lords of the River of Gold

Chapter 1 Session 16

Into Ohgroke's Den

In the morning of the next day, the 21st of Weeds, Mercy was awoken by an Orc, leading her out to a meeting with Bull. The Orc Chief greeted Mercy and offered her breakfast. He told her that she should be more obedient, and to display his need for obedience, he pushed the poor woman who had been his “favorite,” into a giant pit.

That pit held Bull’s pet, Ohgroke, a giant hunting cat. The cat began stalking the poor woman, who was too stricken to move. Mercy, in a rare fit of courage, attempted to bait the large cat away from girl, but the cat was undeterred. Eventually, Mercy jumped in to lure the lion away, hoping that she would be saved by the Orcs under Bull’s command.

Back at Fort Copped, Koram made sure to keep morale high as he worried about the soldiers away from the base, and the extremely compromised position his defenses were in. Mandy and Karen continued to work on the Donnell’s quickly dying body and they assured Koram that they needed Mercy’s skilled hands.

Koram was surprised to find a visitor that same day. A Hunter, the same who had fled the Fort a short time ago, came to offer a deal. She represented some mysterious presence in the area and promised that this power would return Mercy to the Fort, and end the Orc assaults. In return, Koram had to promise that the Fort would not answer to the Calindrost army any longer. Koram thanked her, and arranged a mutual agreement to warn each other of any problems. As to the offer, he deferred until a later day.

Calvin and Nix continued back towards the Fort; now with an orc named Bek in tow as Alice told Koram the plan. Koram, quick on his feet, determined that it was necessary to help collapse the tunnel, ensuring no one could find an entrance down into any place beneath the surface.

Alice agreed, and shared the intelligence she had found in the history book in the tower. Together with Genie, they expertly collapsed the tunnel and informed the rest of the Fort to hide their goods before the Orcs arrived.

Back at the Orc encampment, Mercy found herself in a large room, close to the cage of the sleeping Ohgroke. The orcs in the room informed her that it was now her duty to clean out the wounds of the massive lion.

Carefully and tenderly, Mercy cleaned out the wounds, causing as little pain as possible. The Lion seemed taken with her, but as she drifted off into sleep, her dreams warned her that while docile now, Ohgroke was a wild beast and would kill her if it got the chance.


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