Lords of the River of Gold

Chapter 1 Session 17

The Inspection

drugs.jpgAs Mercy was treated to a rough morning, her captors taking pleasure in mistreating the Lion Ohgroke, the rest of the party was nearly ready to reassemble and carry out their bargain to free Mercy.

Koram informed the Fort of the Orcs arrival, and Alice took up position on top of her Tower, after thoroughly searching for any clues of the mysterious “Gift.”

As Nix and Calvin brought Bek into the Fort, an arrow slammed into the ground near the Orc. Apparently, none of the Unit had noticed that some soldiers were unhappy about allowing the enemy into the Fort.

As Nix stood in front of the unfazed Orc, Calvin commanded Sharon, the archer, to stand down. Surprisingly, she obeyed. Koram excused himself to deal with the problem, as the Orc, apparently not caring that someone had tried to kill him, began to search the property.

Koram, furious that someone had taken a shot against his orders, confronted Sharon in the crow’s nest. She accused Koram of allowing the enemy into the base and of dereliction of his duty. Koram, calmly explained their precarious position, and when Sharon was unconvinced, baited her into a fight.

Koram allowed her a swing, but ended the fight by breaking her arm over his leg. Reading his subordinate correctly, his display of dominance as the end of the conflict, and she obediently followed his commands to get medical treatment.

Downstairs, Calvin and Nix put up with a suddenly caved in tunnel and the ridiculous antics of Brian who was attempting to hide his belongings from Bek. Bek seemed certain that what he was looking for was not there, and passed over things of value, in his search for the “Gift.”

Eventually, Bek took out a small potion and downed it before anyone could ask what he was doing. Immediately, his eyes went vacant and he appeared stupified. Also, he appeared stoned.

On unsteady feet, he weaved his way towards the storeroom. Once there, he opened a hatch to the Fort’s well and stuck his head inside. Were it not for the quick hands of Calvin, the orc likely would have thrown himself down the well.

Calvin began to sit on him to keep him still.

Koram walked into the storeroom, finding Calvin and Bek in such a precarious position. After a moment of disbelief, he asked about what was happening. Calvin and Nix told him about the potion as Calvin searched the Orc’s person for any additional items.

Finding a similar potion, Calvin showed Koram. Koram gave short warning as he downed the potion himself.

The world turned black and white, and Koram began to hear persistent whispers coming from deep within the well. Although he resisted, the compulsion to go down the well was incredible and he was held back as well, until the drug passed.

Even Calvin, unaffected by the potion, thought he heard voices coming from deep within the well, though it may have just been wind.

As the drug induced states began to fade, Bek became determined to leave and set an appointment to bring Mercy and Bull, to negotiate the remaining aspects of her release.


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