Lords of the River of Gold

Chapter 1 Session 19

The Negotiation

welcome-home.jpgAs Alice waited in the Fort, Calvin and Nix approached the meeting spot from the East as Koram approached from the North. They arrived mostly at the same time, although Koram was left alone with Bull, Bek, and multiple Orcs for a few, tense seconds.

However, before anything could happen, Nix and Calvin strode into the meeting and negotiations began.

Chief Bull wanted to send a party down into the well and set down two options. He could return Mercy when they agreed, or he could return Mercy and then kill them all and go down the well anyway.

Koram had other thoughts and began negotiating not just for Mercy’s release, but for a temporary truce, to go down the well together.

Calvin, keeping his intense anger within, tried to make light of the situation by calling the Orc a cheat and a double-crosser. The joke did not go over well, and Nix stood between them to prevent a fight.

Bull agreed that Mercy was to be freed and directed other orcs to release her. To do so, they threw her violently from the cart they had brought. Calvin and Nix immediately went to her and Calvin, very indelicately, lifted her onto a horse. They left soon thereafter to ensure that Mercy was away from her captors.

Bull and Koram remained behind, and then agreed upon a joint search for the gift, at which time, Koram agreed that Bull would get the gift. As he left, he heard he argument between Bull and Bek, in which a confused Bek suggested just killing all of them instead of making a deal.

At the Fort, Mercy made her way inside, to the great relief of Karen and Mandy who had been the medics in her absence. They immediately tended Donnell, who was still at death’s door. Mercy performed nothing short of miracle work through the next several hours.

By the time she was done, the rest of the Unit was ready to discuss the excursion into the well. Koram revealed Bek’s words and Nix revealed the deal made with the hunters.

Nix then suggested that once Bull sees the gift, they have fulfilled the deal and it would be open season on Bull. Others seemed mostly comfortable with that idea, but it was not agreed upon.

After the meeting, Nix asked after Mercy, suggesting that Calvin be reprimanded for his pawing at Mercy when he lifted her into the saddle. Mercy responded with her belief that Calvin was unaware that she was a girl and believed it was not a problem.

As night descended, Koram began to prepare the Fort for an eventual Orc attack, as he believed the Orcs may come to kill, instead of honoring the bargain made.


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