Lords of the River of Gold

Chapter 1 Session 20

Down the Well!

With Mercy returned to them, the others now had to determine how to safely follow through with the agreement. In short order, Koram ordered the defenses shored up and devised a method of quickly starting a fire to help beat back any orc assault.

He personally went out to meet Chief Bull and it was surprisingly simple and straight foward. Bull would bring Bek and ten Orc Fighters with him down the well and the Unit was welcome to come.

After gathering a few last minute items, the Orcs began the descent into the well. After all of the Orcs had gone, the Unit climbed down a long rope, one by one.

Alice the strongest climber from years of scrambling over the rigging of ships, made it down quickly, followed by Calvin. Below, they discovered that their well water came from a fast moving, underground river. No orcs or were in sight.

Nix was not as lucky as the other two, losing her grip and plummeting into the waters below. Calvin and Alice were unable to catch her, and Koram and Mercy quickly descended to help.

Ducking their heads into the waters, they allowed themselves to be caught in the current and taken further down river.

Calvin was the first to pull himself out, finding three orcs and a wide, empty room. He discovered a small switch which allowed a large rock to roll away, obviously designed to keep people from exploring further. He deduced that this was the blocked entrance from the Fort.

Nix and Alice pulled themselves out at a bridge and the remaining orcs, including Bek and Bull. The orcs gave them a moment to catch their breath and then moved on. Quickly, Alice and Nix spotted a skeleton. The skeleton carried a shield with an unknown design, made of some light, flexible material. After some thought, Nix took control of the shield that Alice believed was a relic of a pious Talnathean Captain who had journeyed into the earth many years ago.

Koram and Mercy, along with her kitty, found themselves pushed up against a wall that acted as a sieve, gathering flotsam too large to pass through the smaller holes in the rock. There, they heard skittering noises, as large crabs approached to defend their home. Beating feet, Koram and Mercy left the area quickly.

Eventually, the Unit all reconvened with little damage. Mercy, excited at the reunion gave a fierce hug to Calvin out of joy. Calvin, retreated quickly, appearing confused. He started wandering down the hall, ahead of the group and in something of a daze, so Nix hit him hard on the arm. The damage brought the clouds from his eyes and he returned to his more normal state of confusion.

They continued to move deeper into the tunnels, and eventually found themselves in the worked halls of a formerly inhabited area. Wandering into a large room, large cobwebs revealed bodies trapped and desiccated. Several people looked up to see large, dog-sized spiders preparing to drop on their fresh prey.


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