Lords of the River of Gold

Chapter 1 Session 24

Siege of the Orcs

Nix and Koram sat on the 2nd day of Storms, debating their attack against the Orcish encampment, once owned by [[:chief bull]]. After discussion with the Hunters and the 50 soldiers fleeing Northern Command, the two split the forces into three groups.

A unit of hunters and a unit of fighters would climb atop the building, intending to hack holes in the roof to create killing zones. The first group, led by Nix would attack the front door, shortly followed by a second group, led by Koram at the back door.

As Nix burst through the front door, she was met by Dies, the remaining orc lieutenant. Koram came in moments later from behind. Their strategy had a devastating effect, Koram firing off arrows in close quarters while Nix held the stronger opponents at bay.

In Varte, Calvin and Captain Alice finished their hunt and prepared for the evening’s soiree. As they dressed in fancy, uncomfortable clothes, they stayed mostly quiet. Downstairs at the Pony’s Tail Inn, they met Felicia-Dixon who had returned from wherever she had gone.

Stunning in an evening gown, she quickly led them through the evening and what each was expected to do. They made their way to Fix Manor in a plush carriage, Alice riding behind as a footman. Within, Felicia and Calvin chatted about the night, Felicia appearing somewhat nervous about the night’s events.

They entered, introduced as Junker Calvin von Sturdivant and his wife Felicia Divetter of Dirkenlut. Mingling with others, Calvin met other dignitaries including Governor Ballantine of Port Moresby, a city on the coast of the Thousand Kingdoms. He proceeded to obligate Dirkenlut to a series of deals with the ocean city-state.

Alice went with the servants to receive instructions from the elderly servant of Lord Stephan: Jarvis. She kept up the guise of servitude and started in on the buffet that had been left for the servants.

As dinner started, she noticed a man dressed in House Stephan livery standing suspiciously by some food. Slipping around a corner, he managed to elude Alice’s fumbling attempt to follow. She saw that a servant in lilac and blue livery picking up the food and Alice tucked the information away as she left to serve the “Lord” Calvin.

Mercy d. 821 P.T, having tucked the offending child in “jail,” meandered about her command of fort copped, ensuring that work as progressing. She was warned that a man was approaching. Standing on top of the latrine, she challenged the traveler.

The traveler told her that he had come to see a woman. He was not sure of her name, but she was “the pretty one.” Mercy, begrudgingly let him in after having the troops examine his belongings.

Abel, which was his name, had been sent to have dinner with the pretty member of the fort. Mercy, reasonably insulted, agreed to let Abel stay, but sent him to Mandy to get him out of the way. As he went in and immediately took a shine to Mandy, she quickly felt the need to chaperon.

Back at the Orc encampment, Nix and Koram kept the onslaught going. After a relatively quick amount of time, the orcs were reeling and Dies was desperate to keep them from breaking. Between the archers on top of the building and the arrows flying from Koram from behind, Dies barely managed to hold his force together. But their numbers were dwindling.

Calvin was having a much easier time. More dignitaries arrived, predominantly Helen and Andrea De’Sapphyn,


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