Lords of the River of Gold

Chapter 2 Session 2

Douglas Square

A representative of House Leonis led them through the city to Douglas Square.

They entered the house to find an ashy, blood soaked three story row house, which had been cleaned and furnished for them. The top floor held six bedrooms, the second had a kitchen and storage, and the basement had bedding for 50.

Their investigations were interupted by the arrival of two Mercenary Captains in the Square. Allie Talon and her sister Tonya introduced themselves and Bork and his lieutenant told them to mind their own business and not get in the way.

Allie stayed a while, chatting and answering questions about being a mercenary, even though Nix said that they were not. Allie obviously did not believe her and continued to treat them as mercenaries.

After some investigation, the party began to make preperations to shop. Before they could leave though, food was delivered to them.

They spent the night, holding watches and dividing up between the top floor and basement. Mercy and Calvin slept in the same room.

The next day, the Boy came and offered the first mission. He told them to go to the docks by mid-day and escort a family from the Ashenath Plains back to Douglas Square. They would be paid 1 month of food for each month they kept the family safe, until Errik Leonis could talk to him.


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