Calvin is an apprentice blacksmith who is working to regain his status with the Guild.


Calvin is the eldest son of Coopers from Duncan’s Farm.
He has revealed that he is a member of the Blacksmith’s Guild. and currently holds the rank of Master Apprentice. His primary Master is Master Henrick and was serving under Master Salista.

Eventually, in accordance with Guild rules, Master Henrick sent his name for promotion from Apprentice to Master Apprentice. Those rules dictate that a Master Apprentice may not seek permission for his own Smithy with the same person he initially apprenticed with. So, he was bundled up and shipped off to the only other Master Smith in Calindrost. Upon arrival in Calinport, the biggest city in the area, he were placed with Master Salista, an armorer for the Duke.

It was only a few days into his Master Apprenticeship when you had a run in with George Dixon, the son of a prominent Magistrate. His subsequent arrest placed him in servitude to the army of the Duke.

From there, Calvin has gained renown for his prowess and courage. He met and fell for Mercy d. 821 P.T, but has tragically witnessed her death.


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