Genie Miner

A young romantic who has joined the Unit


Genie is a young man, only 18 years old. His brown hair and light skin have both been darkened by the dirt and grime from his life as a miner. He has a sharp eye and a steady hand when it comes to work, though he tends to be a bit of a hopeless romantic.


Genie is the son of Eugene Miner, of Eugene’s Mining Camp. He was raised to the trade of copper mining, but always aspired for a more lucrative career in business. He met Karen Farmer, whom he loved at first sight and together they planned to run away to the east, to Calinport or Smuggler’s Cove to make a life away from the dirt and close community of western Calindrost.

After meeting in Fort Copped, Genie and Karen took employment with the Unit and made their homes within the Fort.

Genie Miner

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