Karen Farmer

A young, well-trained peasant girl


Karen stands straight and holds her head well. She walks and talks like a noblewoman, but her calloused hands and darkened skin speak of a youth spent at work. She is young and not unpleasant to look at, but is prone to fits of melancholy or giddy exuberance.


Karen was raised by her mother Beth to be well-spoken and educated. Her mother believed that with her looks and education, she could marry higher in the social hierarchy and give the family an advantage. Her older sisters had already borne the family sufficient labor for the next generation, so her mother hired a tutor who taught her social grace, music, and history.

Her time spent learning, instead of working has made her somewhat slothful, at least for manual labor. She also learned to act superior toward others.

She and Genie Minor found each other and Genie’s infatuation provided Karen with an opportunity to escape her mother’s plans and her mother’s farm.

Karen Farmer

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