A fast talking solider from Aron's Market


Handsome and dashing, Koram can pass for a beggar or a prince, as he needs. A wink and a smile can get him out of the trouble his mouth gets him into.


Koram joined with the military of Calindrost against his better judgment. With [[:calvin], Mercy d. 821 P.T, Nix, and Captain Alice, he served Calinda as best he could. He was quickly made into the leader of the group and took his duties to heart, trying to maintain order amongst an unruly and headstrong bunch.

After Calvin lost Fort Copped, Koram struggled with the decision to move forward, but determined he had no options. Again. And he made his way to Sterline, after ensuring that the soldiers under his command were well looked after.

Koram has kept that role, ensuring that the foolhardy actions of the group in whole is not felt solely by those under their command. He has also explored business as a pastime.


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