A young woman with her child


Mandy is a young woman of 16 years. She is fair haired and small. Her bearing makes her appear smaller than she actually is. She has a dour, sullen expression on her face and generally has mute, lifeless, brown eyes.


Mandy is from the southern reaches of Calindrost. She lived on a farm near the River Darme. During the war between Calindrost and Varte, she was the victim of a brutal rape. Her parents, being devoutly conservative, did not believe her tale and banished her when they discovered that she was pregnant.

Mandy gave birth to her daughter Sally in the barn of an abandoned farm, with only a single scout as her midwife. The scout had a mission to accomplish and left after delivering Mandy to the town of Steedscross, where she stayed while Sally got strong.

She met the Unit in Steedscross and opened up to Mercy when she cured Sally of an ear infection. They quickly learned much of her story, and she left with them to go to Southern Command when they burned the bridge to the ground.

Mandy was chosen to assist the Unit as their Aide, for their tour at Fort Copped.


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