Mercy d. 821 P.T

Mercy is a farmer's daughter who accidentally joined the army. She's an excellent seamstress and was attempting to sign up as a tailor, never to see combat.


Mercy is a a young, small woman. She is pale and thin, an underfed village girl.


Mercy grew up as the youngest of several children. She was simply another mouth to feed, and so left her family when war broke out between Varte and Calindrost. She went to sign up as a seamstress, or some type of camp follower, but was drafted as a regular soldier.

She was joined with Nix, Koram, Captain Alice, and Calvin, in the The Duke’s Training Grounds. She stayed with the party as a member of Special Tactics, and left with Calvin and Nix as they left north to Sterline when Fort Copped fell.

She left Sterline shortly afterwards, feeling lost and alone despite her burgeoning relationship with Calvin. She went to Han and The Library, to study medicine, hoping that healing others would make her feel more at peace.

Unfortunately, it did not work. After solving a gruesome murder with a member of Hanean Intelligence, she was recruited to feed information to that spy network and sent back to Sterline.

There she continued to work with the others, joining on their adventures.

In Wheatport, the small city on the River of Gold for Erihurst, Mercy and the others were caught up in a violent rebellion during the Week of the Gods, 821 P.T. Outside the walls of the town, Mercy leaped in front of an arrow, diving towards the heart of a military leader of Malte. She died of the wounds and was laid to rest deep within the catacombs of Fort Ricon, Malte.

Mercy d. 821 P.T

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