Baronet Vidrik Tonis, Heir to the Realm of Bluerock


Lord Vidrik is a tall, thin man, taking more after his mother’s side of the family than the burly stock of his father. He is absent-minded, tending to put on the clothes that are comfortable and practical, rather than the style of the moment.


Vidrik is the first son of Baron Andrus Tonis, Lord of Bluerock, vassal of House Odronic of the Northern Marches and a Peer of the Kingdom of Pembroke. Vidrik is therefore a noble of rank and distinction and would be an honored son in Sterline or Galah. Vidrik had the misfortune of being born a thinker in a land of the brave and was therefore a pariah among his own people.

Vidrik escaped the daily judgment of his father and the daily taunts of the men-at-arms and fled south to Sterline’s College of War. There, he became fast friends with the ruling House Sterline, until King David Pembroke created his Kingdom and forced House Tonis to join.

Baron Leonis, through his intermediary, arranged that Vidrik join with the Ship Cats and Ava, Calvin, Nix, and Koram, as they were in dire need of a strategic mind. Vidrik joined willingly and quickly turned the force from a gang of thugs without direction into a true fighting force.


His Father:

Lord Baron Andrus Tonis, 8th Baron of Blue Rock, Earl of the Castle of Blue Rock, Lord Marshall of the Border Army of the Northern Marches, Master of the Sword, Hero of Killain’s Pass and Shieldman of the North.

His Mother:

Lady Baronessa Tiina Tonis nee Val’Crosin, Baronessa of Blue Rock, Cupbearer of the Barony and Light Bringer.

His Twin-Sister:

Baronette Valeria Tonis, Lady of Blue Rock, Honore of Lisbet Pembroke

His Younger Brother:

Baronet Anton Tonis, Lord of Blue Rock, Hero of The Battle of Forrock, Leader of the Blue Wastes


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