The Barony of Ameriland sits along the River of Gold far to the west of the Bay of Sarat. It is not bordered to the west, and borders Malte and Erihurst to the east and northeast respectively. Although much of the Ithda River winds through Ameriland, the convergence of Ithda and Gold is held by the City-State of Brideway. South of the River is the Ashenath Plains.

Ruling Family

The House of Ruddin currently controls this Barony.


Ameriland is mostly full of subsistence farmers, though it the middle of the land has good farming for fruits, including strawberries and cranberries. The western part of the Barony is nearly unfarmable marshland, but provides exotic seafood, not found elsewhere in Algalon.

Points of Interest


Ithdaford is the capital of Ameriland and rests on a small island in the middle of the Ithda River, with fordable water on either side. House Ruddin has set up ferry’s across the fords instead of risking damage to cargo and goods.

Small Lake Marsh

A large marshland filled with birds and sea life not seen in other parts of Algalon. Some believe that it is haunted.

Smith’s Edge

Technically outside of the western border of Ameriland, but under the protection of the Barony is the large forge known as Smith’s Edge, the headquarters of the Church of Chaldon.

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