Booth is a Duchy of the Kingdom of Pembroke, with limited access to the northern shore of the Bay of Sarat. To the east, it is dominated by Bayside, and the south it share borders with Han and Sterline. Its western border is shared with Erihurst and its northern with the Northern Marches. It is in significant farmland and the west supports yineyards that rival Han.

Ruling Family

Booth is ruled by House Boothe, and was apparently meant to be named Boothe as well, but there was a rather unfortunate typo.


Booth has a mostly stagnant economy, but that is due more to inept leadership than a lack of resources. It has fertile soil for farming and grapes.

Points of Interest

Booth Hall

The capital and seat of Boothe power is a town in the heart of the farmland. It is somewhat misplaced, missing any major crossroads. It is an awkward and oddly laid out city, unwalled, with meandering streets.

The Port of Sand

The only port that Booth has access to, it is small and undistinguished. Booth must rely on other ports for any large shipping, but keeps a tidy fishing fleet.

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