Ah. beautiful Calindrost. Formerly, just called the Coastland. A verdant farmland wedged in between powerful enemies and allies, this it the place you call home.


To the east lies the Bay of Sarat which opens into the Wide Ocean. You know not what lies across that Ocean, but you do know that the barrier islands of Jansenez harbor pirates and raiders from the north.

To the south lies the vast forest of Bylin’thal, the Forest of Light in the human tongue. Fierce Elves live in that forest, unhappy at the raiding of their precious trees by man.

To the west are the lands of the House of Stephan and the Duchy of Varte. The rolling Ashenath Plains and its nomadic Tribes stretch for leagues to the west.

To the north are the lands of Galah and other lords, ladies, and houses that you do not know. Baron Karle rules Galah.

Ruling Family

House of Calinda is the ruling family of Calindrost

Prominent Houses
House Bittle
House Grey
House Yolan
House Perl
House Obbel
House Dufton
Eton Family
Dixon Family
Galling Family

The family is opposed by the Coaster Underground, who seek to unseat Duke Calinda.


Calindrost itself is a coastal plain. Cotton and corn are gown in abundance and much of its wealth lies in the trade of clothe to the northern lords. Large fishing fleets have recently been hampered by pirates and rebuilding them has been a problem because wood is hard to come by.

Places of Interest

Port Dour

Now called Calinport is the seat of the Duchy of Calindrost. It is the only place in Calindrost which could rightly be called a city. It is home to roughly one third of the population and is the home to nearly all of its prominent citizens. It is also the home of its largest fishing fleet and has the only pier long enough to accommodate shipping interests. It is in the north of the Duchy.

The Duke’s Training Grounds

The Grounds are a large piece of land, formerly held by Lord Grey, taken after his unsuccessful attempt on Duke Calinda’s life. The training grounds house the bulk of Calinda’s army, and is your current home, willingly or no.

Elvish Spirits Inn

A welcoming Inn in the south of Calindrost, and is the only place where elves will gather with humans, without the intent to kill them.

Smuggler’s Cove

A small town in the south of Calindrost and is the seat of the Smuggler’s Cove Barony and is ruled by Baron Bittle. As the name suggests, the town is seedy and has a strong criminal presence. Honest people do not often go there.

Aron’s Market

This is an inland town and is where most of the farmer’s trade their goods. The town has ample taverns and inns, but its industry depends on the farmer trade and so it is only full during harvest season. The town is the third, and final Barony of Calindrost and is ruled by the Yolan family.


A large village is the seat of the Silver Earldom. Ruled by the dwindling Dufton family, this vassal land of Bittle is verdant farming land and is known for its peach trees.

Army of the Coast

The Army of the Coast is the military of Calindrost. It is currently involved in a pitched war with Varte that is not going well. You are formerly members of the Army of the Coast.

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