The Church is stretched across all of Algalon. It is generally seen as a force for good, not a force for itself. The Church runs, or maintains high influence over, several different services that are of note:

Congress of the Gods

Once per year, the heads of each sect meet in the Valley of the Gods to determine the direction of the Church.

The Armies of the Gods

Order of the Cloth

An Order of Knights dedicated to protecting the Church.

Sisters of the Blade

A group of followers of Tarc and Bry who seek out rapists and bring them to justice.

The Theocracy of Malte

The Church controls Malte through the House of Holy.

The Charities of the Gods

The Children of Shallac

A dedicated group of homes for orphaned children, generally in the biggest cities.

The Miller’s Feast

A charity of Billinton to give food to the hungry.

The Child’s Joy

Day cares set up by followers of Fallath to watch over the children of working single-parents.

The Library of Intelline

Run by followers of Intin, this Library is open to any, rich or poor.

The Builders of Silloc

Building or repairing houses for the poor.


The Church generally has good relationships with all who do honor to the Gods.

The Church is always in search of the Cult of Xatec and its agents.

The Church has a number of inner groups that combine efforts of different sects:

The Natural Gods

The Gods who preside over the Natural world, air, earth, fire, and water.

The Warrior Gods

Gods who have agreed to defy Tallif, and who allow for violence as a solution to threats.

The Women

The feminine Gods look after the rights of Women.

The Passions

The Gods with an interest in fun and passion.

The Judges

The Gods who decide Truth and Punishment.


Priests of Tallif are called Father or Mother.

Priests of Shallac are called Almoner

Priests of Fallath are called Celebrants.

Priests of Tarc, Billinton, and Gintred are called Sister or Brother, though many priests of Tarc are Clerics.

Priests of Chaldon are called Deacons

Priests of Algatha are called Prelates.

Priests of the Keeper are called Curates.

Priests of Silloc are called Shields.

Priests of Intin are called Readers.

Priests of Bry are called Paladins.

Relationship to You

The Church is mostly unaware of you, but would love you all the same.

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