The varied cultures of Algalon have their own quirks and tricks. Where one from the South is aggressive, and has learned to use that aggression to his advantage, a woman from the mouth o the River of Gold may use wit and patience to have her way. The people of the Borderlands lead a rough life, where the people of the Coast have adapted to the fickle emotions of the sea.

The Coast

People who live in Calindrost and Galah tend to be more aggressive and forthright, likely due to their time around the sea. Knowing that the tides could shift at any time has led them to move quickly and often under cover.

Primary Skills:
Student: Sailing/Knowledge
Weapon: Dagger/Coordination

Rank 1: Two things at once is better than one.
Rank 2: Speed over skill
Rank 3: Act first, act best

The Plains

The people of the Tribes and of Varte value their horses above all else. The wide open plains and expansive skies in a dangerous place have made them wary and cautious.

Primary Skills:

Weapon: Spear/Coordination
Weapon: Archery/Coordination
Expert: Hunting/Coordination
Student: Horses/Knowledge

Rank 1: Spot the prey
Rank 2: Flush the prey
Rank 3: Catch the prey

Other Regions


The People of Sterline, Han and Malte have led a life of relative ease. The time others spend merely surviving, the people of the Mouth spend learning. They use knowledge and patience to gain an upperhand.


The cultures around the northern part of the Bay of Sarat are similar to those to the south. The primary difference is their vaulting ambition. The people of Bayside and Boothe are considered conniving and calculating, but there is a method and a certain honor to their skills.

The Borderlands

Erihurst and the Northern Marches are a tough and unforgiving. The people there learn to hold a sword as soon as they can walk. They have little time for things which do not hep them live and therefore focus on martial skills.


The Elves and Dwarves, Talnatheans, Northerners, and Raiders all have their own tricks and styles. If you could convince someone to teach you, you may learn what they are.

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