Elves of Algalon are tall, lanky creatures. In your experience they are generally fair haired and blue eyed. You may have seen an elf before, much more likely if you live inside of Calinport.

Elves live much longer than humans and therefore have a different outlook on life. You have heard that they will practice a task for a single year before they dare to attempt it in life. They are slow to reason, slow to anger, but quick to act on their decisions.

Elves have their own politics and political structures and they are foreign to you. You know nothing of them, except that they do not seem to have a noble class.

Elves and humans are biologically compatible, but they are unable to have children. Elves are apparently very free with their bodies.

There are several forests of Elves that they declare dominion over.

Bylin’thal, the Forest of Light, lies in the southeast of Algalon.

Fallin’Thal, the Forest of Deer lies in the east of Algalon, both north and south of Leyovia.

Gy’thal, the Forest of Green, lies far to the west, over the Ashenath Plains.

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