Erihurst is a large territory that extends north from the primary provinces along the River of Gold, into the hills of the borderlands. To the east lie the Realms of the Northern Marches to the north and Booth to the south. Unclaimed lands lie to the west, eventually reaching the Iron Kingdom. The lands of Erihurst are rocky and mostly untamed.

Ruling Family

The Rulers of Erihurst are the Lords of the House of Venis, but the many Knights command considerable respect within the territory.


Erihurst subsists more than it has an economy. It grows corn and wheat, and has some mining operations, but the territory is young enough that it has no major trade operations.

Points of Interest


The capital of Erihurst, Godshill is the rock upon which the Castle of Venis sits. It is a rude, but well regulated town and also has the Church of Battle, a spartan barracks of the followers of Tarc.


Bluerock is the other major city of Erihurst and is a mess without regular roads or sewage. The town gained fame five years ago when its “bluerock” was discovered to be sapphire dust and mines have begun production rather haphazardly.

Burrow Castle

Burrow Castle holds the Order of the Bear.

Castle Gryffon

Castle Gryfon is the home of the Order of the Gryffon.

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