Fallath is the adoptive son of Silloc. He is the God who takes joy in the simple facts of life, as well as the jokes and wine of life. Though the more serious people and Gods believe that Fallath can be lazy or irresponsible, but Fallath is very serious about providing Joy. He is married to Billinton, though their marriage is not traditional. He is often depicted as a small man, dressed as a Court Jester, with juggling clubs ready to throw.


The Fool
The Jester
God of the Vine
God of Festivals
The Conniving God

Church of the Fool

In the City of Flowers, in Galah, a large, open area, surrounding a small chapel is the Church of the Fool. The Church is almost a carnival, with free flowing wine and games going at all times of the day or night. It is a favorite of those with leisure time or of children. Any church of Fallath has some measure of fun or frivolity to it, though not all have the constant games and wine of the Church of the Fool.

Priests of Fallath

Priests of Fallath are fun, jovial people. They are most often found in wealthier areas, and are often shunned in places of heavy work. They do provide types of daycare within the cities, when a person is the only parent of children. Their services are considered fun, and generally involve a lot of alcohol and Priests are often seen drunk. A priest wears purple and carries a flask at their hip.


Fallath’s primary Virtue is Joy.
His secondary Virtues are Creativity and Humor or Wit.
His Vice is Debauchery.

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