This page will list your current or former followers.



These followers are loyal to you beyond the present situation and will likely be willing to join with you when you move on to other things.


Mandy and her child Sally are currently serving as the Aide de Camp in Fort Copped with you.


These followers are with you for a specific reason, be it pay, command, or favor. They are unlikely to remain with you if that reason is taken away.


Genie Miner

  • Former miner
  • Betrothed Karen
  • Can read and write and help with logistics

Karen Farmer

  • Educated
  • Betrothed to Genie
  • Refuses hard work
  • Excellent singing voice
  • Does, in fact, possess a sewing kit
Light Infantry

A unit of five soldiers of Calindrost are under your command.

Soldier Andre

  • Short and stock with tightly cropped hair
  • He is friendly
  • Carries a Spear and shield, as well as a short sword.
  • Career military
  • Led a disastrous mission and is uncomfortable leading others.

Soldier Jeni

  • Tall and pretty in a farmer’s daughter way, with blond hair tied into a loose ponytail
  • She will also greet them kindly, if a bit shy
  • Carries a spear and shield, as well as a short sword
  • Was a carpenter
  • Has a crush on Andre

Soldier Brian

  • Tall and lanky, with black, greasy hair hanging down over his eyes
  • Quiet and sulky
  • Carries a long sword and large shield
  • Was a criminal in Calinport, convicted of robbery
  • Was part of Captain Jo’s gang in Calinport
  • Was struck by lightening

Soldier Keith

  • A broad shouldered man with a dopey expression on his face
  • Friendly
  • Carries a long sword and large shield.
  • Was a farmer
  • Lazy

Soldier Jerol

  • A broad shouldered man, he appears to take great pride in his biceps, which can be seen since his shirt is cut-off.
  • Silent, but smiles.
  • Carries a large two-handed battle axe easily.
  • Was a farmer
  • Hardworker

A unit of five archers of Calindrost have been placed under your command.

Archer Sharon

  • A tall, awkward woman, she appears to wear some sort of constricting straps on her chest, which you’ve never seen before
  • Very formal to you
  • Carries a long bow and a short sword
  • Career Military
  • Dislikes Special Tactics

Archer Tallin

  • Of medium height and dirty complexion, his loose beard seems to hide multiple facial blemishes
  • Stands in the back, quietly
  • Carries a long bow and a short sword.
  • Was a hunter

Archer Joshua

  • A slightly older gentlemen who looks at them with fatherly concern
  • He simply wants to be helpful
  • Carries a short bow and two daggers
  • Was a hunter
  • Has a daughter Mercy’s age and will protect her at all costs

Archer Alex

  • A young woman who is at first mistaken for a boy, she has the same creased, tanned face as Alice
  • Grumpy and quiet
  • Carries a short bow and two daggers
  • Was a sailor
  • Hates the army, will run if given the opportunity
  • Will be a problem to morale if left unchecked

Archer Donnell

  • A middle aged man with a series of purple marks on his face from some plague
  • He is friendly and excited about moving on from the camp
  • Carries a Long bow and a cudgel.
  • Was a vagabond, a jack of all trades
  • Coward, will run from a fight

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