The House of Holy is not a traditional House in that it is not run by a family. The House was formed by the Church to rule over the lands of Malte. The Congress of the Gods decides who will be the political and terrestrial ruler of Church lands. They do not refer to themselves as the House of Holy, only other houses do. They refer to themselves simply as Servants of Malte.


Brother Zacharias, Lord of the Theocracy of Malte. Brother Zacharias is a large, jovial man who is a priest of Tallif, with a special place in his heart for Fallath. He is a shrewd politician.

Sister Marisa, Lady of Malte is Brother Zacharias’ wife. A former Sister of Fallath, she gave up the priesthood to assist Zacharias in the ruling of Malte.


The House of Holy is deeply respected as the political arm of the Church. None would dare raise arms against them, and every country is required to come to their defense.

Relationship to You

The House of Holy is unaware of your existence, but they would probably like you if they met you.


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