Originally developed to police the lawless world, Knights are extraterritorial groups of soldiers who hold honor and courage above duty to King or Country. Knights are generally well-respected and are welcomed and honored wherever they go.


There are several major orders of knights throughout Algalon. The major orders are selective and look at a person’s character as much as their sword arm.

Order of the Gryffon

An “classic” order, specializing in heavy cavalry.

Order of the Bear

A mercenary order, large and for hire.

Order of the Sword

An Order of retired Knights, appointed to regulate and keep discipline among the Orders, since no nation has power a major Order.

Order of the Chalice

An Order dedicated to protecting the Church.

Order of the Wolf

An Order that seeks to free people from oppression.

Minor Orders

There are several smaller orders that generally work in a smaller area, or which do not have general authority. These include:

Order of the Trout
Order of the Hawk
Order of the Fist
Order of the Fox
Order of the Red Door
Order of the Deer

The Power of Knighthood

Each Order possesses a Charter within the different realms. The major Orders are almost automatically granted a Charter if a new realm is formed and crossing a Major Order is considered a mistake.

Minor orders are generally given Charters if sought, but they often are specialized and do not seek a Charter.

A Charter grants the Knight several different powers:

Power of Enforcement – the Knight can enforce the law of the land.
Power of Justice – the Knight can enforce their own law, but may be held accountable to the liege.
Power of Command – a Knight can commandeer certain military regiments, depending on the rank of the commanding officer.
Power of Peace – A knight is able to command a temporary cease-fire, though for no longer than is necessary.
Power of Love – A knight may legally marry two people.
Power of Hospitality – a Knight may receive succor wherever they are, and may command that another grant succor.

Abuse of these powers is governed by the Order of the Sword. The Sword may strip someone of their Knighthood and subject them to the Law of the Liege Lord.


A Knight has their life restricted in several was.

A Knight may not become a liege.
A Knight must break the bonds of their family, and is not to advance family politics.
Certain Orders forbid a Knight to marry or have a family.
A Knight must follow the Orders of his or her commander.
A Knight may not own property, the property becomes the property of the Order, though some exclusions are granted.

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