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House Leonis is the most prominent House in Algalon. Leonis is a mixed-house between the indigent populations that predated the Talnathean Empire and some of the first settlers from the Empire. They were the House which deposed the Governor of the Empire from Sterline and took control of the Duchy, declaring their independence from the dying Empire. Their position at the mouth of the River of Gold has kept them in power ever since.


Lord Sebastian Leonis, Duke of Sterline. Duke Sebastian is a pompous man who disdains any whom he deems to be beneath him, which is basically everyone. Still, he is a fair ruler and keeps Sterline at the top of its power.

Lady Gwendolyn Leonis nee Durran, Duchess of Sterline. A fair and charming women whose beauty has long faded through the years. She is kind and warm, but unintelligent. She prefers simple pleasures.

Lord Errik Leonis. A fierce warrior and the General of the Lion, the army of Sterline.

Lord Duncan.

Lady Melissa.

Lord Jordan, Baron of the Mouth. Brother of the King.


You know little of the relationships of House Leonis, but their favor is curried and they hold significant power over the realms that rely on the River of Gold for their economy.

Relationship to You

House Leonis is unaware of your existence.

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