Malte lies on the north of the River of Gold, in between Han and Ameriland. It is north of Varte and the Ashenath Plains. Erihurst lies to the north. Malte lies in a fertile part of the River.

Ruling Family

Malte technically has no ruling family, but is led by a designated Theocrat of the Church. Although they do not refer to themselves as such, other houses call them the House of Holy. Currently, the House is led by Brother Zacharias.


The economy of Malte is the Church. People are expected to donate to the Church for the benefit of others, and certain services require that costs be paid, often in the form of charity. Malte also does modest trade in wine and grain.

Points of Interest

The Valley of the Father

The Valley of the Father is a long valley in the east of Malte, away from the River of Gold. In it lies much of the infrastructure of Malte, including the Temple of the Father, celebrating Tallif; the Congress of the Gods, the meeting place of the heads of each Church; and the Order of the Cloth.


Also within the Valley of the Father, though separated from the religious headquarters, Holywell is the capital of Malte and its second largest city.

The Bridge of the Gods

The Bridge, and the city that surrounds it, aptly named Bridgetown, is one of the primary spots to cross the River of Gold, outside of Sterline or the City-State of Brideway. The Bridge connects Bridgetown and River’s Hollow in Varte.

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