New Changes


Sterline has been vastly updated and maps have been drawn and marked and placed in the maps section. Changes to House Leonis coming soon.

Schools and Disciplines

Throughout Algalon, there are many places of learning and things to learn. Whether it is the marketplace in the City of Flowers, or the Library in Han, people who practice their craft learn various tricks of their trade.

Disciplines are simply the tricks one learns from living in a place and learning its ways. While Coasters are aggressive marketers, Hanian’s are patient listeners. Learning the ways of the people is as important as learning the basics of any skill.

Schools teach advanced and secret strategies and practices. While beginning tricks are common knowledge, the advanced guard their secrets jealously. Places such as The Library Church in Intelline and the School of War in Sterline are run by the ruling family, while the Blacksmith’s Guild of Sterline and the Seminary of Malte are independent.

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New Changes

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