Northern Command

Northern Command is the main fighting force of the Army of the Coast. Located southeast of Aron’s Market, it comprises the bulk of the action in the campaign against Varte.


Lord Brevet General D’Lonnagal of Sirstine

A representative of the Talnathean Empire, Lord D’Lonnagal has offered his services as a military adviser to Calindrost. After the arrest of General Eton, he was placed in charge of the Command due to his close relationship to the Duke and the advice given.

High Captain Jillian

Head of the Duke’s Rangers, Jillian is a commoner in charge of the elite division of soldiers mirrored by Special Tactics Units. She was formerly a Knight of the Order of the Fox, but left to take a position with the Duke’s military.

Lord Roger Calinda

The second son of Duke Calinda, Lord Roger serves in the Duke’s Rangers, but his position as an heir to the Duchy gives him a place on the Staff.

Lady Captain Helen Obbel

Captain of A Company of Northern Command, Lady Obbel leads the main fighting force of Calinda. She is a fierce woman, in sharp contrast to her husband, and leads the force with incredible ferocity. She is somewhat less tactical than the others on the staff, but has the awareness to remain quiet during planning sessions.

Lord Captain Eldrick Obbel

Captain of B Company of Northern Command, Lord Obbel is the exact opposite of his wife, Lady Helen. He is small and scheming, and uses his position in charge of the auxiliary and irregular forces. Unlike Southern Command, B Company is not in charge of the Duke’s Rangers or Special Tactics.

Lord Captain Alan De’Pepis

Captain of C Company, Lord De’Pepis, being well down the line of succession left his home in Leyovia and found himself in Calinport at the beginning of the war, close friends with the Duke. He has proven to be a capable warrior, but is placed in charge of the defenses of Northern Command to keep him from dangerous situations.

Earl Gregory Yolan

The non-military leader of the supplies of the Army of the Coast is more often seen in Northern Command than Calinport, but is generally at his home in Aron’s Market. He is efficient and keeps the army well-fed.

Lord Captain Redrick Fix

Lord Redrick Fix is the Aide-de-Camp and serves as a liaison between Home Command and the General Staff. Lord Redrick and his sister Lady Karissa are both nobles of a minor house in Varte, ousted by House Stephan. Lord Redrick is a passionate young man with a strong appetite for women and alcohol, but a genial nature and quick sword arm.


The Primary Camp of Northern Command is roughly a day to the southwest of Aron’s Market.

Fort Redwood

Fort Redwood is the northernmost Border Fort in the rolling hills between Varte and Calindrost. It is located on the western edge of the Red Forest. It is currently commanded by Captain Stinton of Red Forest Village and has a complement of roughly 100 soldiers.

Fort Grey

Named for the House that used to rule this area, Fort Grey is located approximately halfway between Stallion Road and the North Trade Road. It is currently commanded by Captain Halroth De’Grey, a cousin of House Grey. It has a large complement of roughly 500 soldiers and is often a staging ground for sorties into Varte.


Northern Command is intended for the bulk of the forces. Therefore it contains mostly Heavy Infantry and Light Infantry. It also contains the Duke’s Rangers and all of the Heavy Cavalry.

x – General Henry Eton

General Eton was the Commander of the Northern forces of the Army of the Coast. He is a quiet man and thoughtful man, who served as a Captain for Duke Calinda before the war against House Grey began, when he set himself apart as a tactical mind. He is the father of Captain William Eton, the head trainer of The Duke’s Training Grounds. General Eton, still technically holding the rank of General, has been arrested on suspicion of treason and of plotting to kill Duke Calinda. Her currently awaits trial in Calinport.

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Northern Command

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