Northern Marches


The Northern Marches is so named for the section of the Borderlands in which the Duchy resides and extend northward. It is the northern border of the Kingdom of Pembroke. It is bordered on the south by Booth and Bayside; to the west by Erihurst; and to the east by Leyovia.

Ruling Family

House Odronic currently rules the Duchy of the Northern Marches.


The Northern Marches makes it wealth from subsistence farmers, timber and small amounts of mining, and from its armies. The Northern Marches are well known for providing mercenary work for other Houses.

Points of Interest


Ashton is the capital of the Northern Marches, located in the west of the duchy. It is an unremarkable place, mainly occupied by mining interests.

Castle of the Red Tail

This is the home of the Order of the Hawk, located in the far northeast.

Coast Road

The road that extends from Leyovia to Ashton, and continues down in Booth is well used and is the primary trade route in the Northern Marches. Most towns of any size are built upon this road.

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Northern Marches

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