Orcs are considered one of the Beast Races, and are the stupidest among those races. Many humans think Orcs are violent and bloodthirsty.

Orcs have two primary homes, the Borderlands and the Thousand Kingdoms.

Northern Orcs

Northern Orcs, pushed from the Iron Kingdom many years ago, are fiercely independent and strong. They have developed into a company system that is akin to an army, but with no central leadership.

Northern Orcs appear similar to their southern cousins, but are smarter and more disciplined. They are often hired as mercenaries, but are never used for manual labor.

The squabbles for territory between the Northern Marches and Erihurst have led some to believe that they are nothing more than bloodthirsty beasts.

Southern Orcs

More numerous than their northern cousins, Southern Orcs look nearly identical to the Northern Orcs but are less intelligent and very gullible. Their lack of rational thought also leads them to great acts of rage. However, they are fiercely loyal as long as they trust someone.

On occasion, an orc lord or lady will rise to power and a orcs will conquer a small portion of the Thousand Kingdoms, but such realms are always short lived.

Southern Orcs are often used for manual labor in a near slavery state. They are often paid only in food and living quarters, without any money exchanging hands.

Cultural Tendencies

Orcs of both areas tend to be extremely loyal, though the Northerners give that loyalty less frequently than the Southerners.

Orcs place special significance on the giving or acceptance of food. This has to do with the loyalty shown above.

Orcs identify themselves by their name and the name of their weapon. Often, weapons are named after honored ancestors, so two cousins may be named Ograk Diltaca and Bishak Diltaspa. Ca meaning sword, and Spa meaning spear in Orcish.

Orcs have their own language, but there is no written language. A few northern orcs can read the common tongue.

Orcs generally follow strict gender roles, and will not follow the orders of females, even if they are currently working in a matriarchal, human society.


Orcs appear as humans, but are taller and larger, averaging roughly seven feet tall. They weigh an average of 300 pounds. Females tend to be taller, but lighter than males.

They have very tanned skin and thick, black hair that is generally braided in intricate patterns.

Orcs have wide set eyes and flat noses, they have long canine teeth, which causes their lips to sneer. It also gives a tusk-like appearance.

Orcs adore gold jewelry, but will not wear anything they believe was made by Dwarves.

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