House Pembroke is a relatively new house, forming out of the connection between a ship building family and a woodcutting family. The combination allowed Pembroke to create the strongest navy in the Bay of Sarat, and eventually the two provinces combined through marriage to form the Duchy of Bayside. In 820 P.T. they attained the rank of Royal House by creating the Kingdom of Pembroke.


King Richard Pembroke the First, King of Pembroke and Duke of Bayside. The King is an affable and attractive man in his middle years. Barrel-chested and tall, he has an open smile and a strong, calloused grip. He is the man woman want to be with, and men want to be.

Queen Fallista Pepis, Queen of Pembroke and Duchess of Bayside. Fallista is a young, radiant woman who is the apple of the King’s eye. She is smart and friendly, flirtatious, but not lustful.

Admiral Vincent Pembroke, Sealord of Sarat. Admiral Vincent, currently in charge of a joint force to protect the Bay against pirates and the Raiders of the Islands, he is nice, but has a sullen streak in him that may have something to do with his missing eye. That force is currently disbanded and the Admiral is now simply the Grand Admiral of Pembroke.

Lady Lisbet Pembroke. The daughter of Admiral Vincent, Lady Lisbet is the current catch of nobility. Every young noble seeks her hand, since she is free to give it being outside the line of succession.


You know little about the relationships of Pembroke, except that Pembroke is considered a very ambitious house, which aggravates some of the older houses.

Relationship to You

Pembroke is unaware of your existence.

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