There are many races on Algalon, each with its own sub-parts. Some races, even those listed here, you will never encounter. The races are described as they are known to humans, not necessarily how they actually are, or how they perceive themselves.


Elves are forest dwellers. They tend to be tall and lithe, and live for hundreds of years. It appears that the different forests have different traits. Elves of Bylin’thal being much wilder than the refined elves of Gy’thal.


The Dwarves of Algalon are mountain dwellers. More precisely, they appear to be under-mountain dwellers. While there exists some rough form of government and caste system, the dwarves that encounter humans are good for broad shoulders, beer recipes, and being easily fooled in trade. There is only one known Kingdom of dwarves, but there is at least one settlement of dwarves in the Thousand Kingdoms that has survived for several generations.


The dominant race around the River of Gold, the humans ability to procreate has led to them simply outnumbering, and outmaneuvering the other races. Racial distinctions between humans are covered in other areas.

Beast Races

Many races are lumped together by humans as the “Beast Races.” How they feel about that is unknown.

Although not unknown around the River of Gold, the beast races generally live in the Borderlands or the Thousand Kingdoms. Even though only Ogres are outlawed by most of the realms, a person seen dealing with, employing, or even speaking with a Beast may be met with prejudice and suspicion. Whether deserved or not, it is felt that the Beasts are violent and cannot be trusted and anyone aiding or employing a beast is seen as a beast or as someone monstrously stupid.


Goblins are considered to be the weakest, but also the smartest of the Beasts. A goblin trader is not an uncommon sight in the major cities. Goblins seem to indicate that their allegiance is owed to their hometown, so a goblin may refer to himself as: “Gri of Two Twin Village.”


Orcs are large, strong creatures. They are considered very stupid. Orcs are primarily used within Algalon as manual labor and are not uncommon to see around dockyards or on farms. Orcs seem to have no allegiance to anyone or each other. An orc generally shows some loyalty to the people that feed them, food being a special form of payment.


Trolls are considered to be the most cohesive of the beasts. They are loyal to other trolls, it does not appear to matter if they know each other or not. Trolls are extremely rare to see in human lands, as they dislike humans. There are a few troll communities south of the River Darme.


Ogres are the most violent of the beasts, and are the only race that is killed on sight in every community. Ogres are known to fly into violent rages, and the smartest among them are sometimes caught and used in gladitorial games, though the Arenas have fallen out of favor.


Although you are sure Giants are a myth, there is talk that giants exist, but are incredibly afraid of humans. Gentle and kind, Giants were apparently hunted as fearsome monsters in the early days of Algalon and therefore flee the sight of humans at all costs.

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