Led by House Leonis, the Duchy of Sterline sits at the mouth of the River of Gold and commands traffic up and down the river.


Led by House Sapphyn, the Land of Han sits at on the north side of the River of Gold and is directly west of Sterline.


Led by the Church and the House of Holy, the Theocracy Malte sits to the west of Han and north of the River of Gold.


Led by the House of Ruddin, the Barony of Ameriland lies on the north of the River of Gold and west of Malte. It crosses the Ithda River and surrounds the City-State of Brideway.

City-State of Brideway

Ruled by House Vilson, the City-State of Brideway sits at the convergence of the Ithda River and the River of Gold.


The Territory of Erihurst is led by House Venis. It sits to the north of Ameriland, Malte, Han, and Booth. It has no access to the River of Gold. It is hemmed in on the north by the Borderlands.

Northern Marches

The Duchy of the Norhern Marches is north of Bayside and Booth and lies between Leyovia and Erihurst. It stretches into the Borderlands and is ruled by House Odronic. It is now part of the Kingdom of Pembroke.


The Earldom of Booth is wedged a lamb among lions, wedged between Han, Sterline, and Bayside. The Northern Marches and Erihurst lie to its north. It has a single port on the Bay of Sarat and is ruled by House Boothe. It is now part of the Kingdom of Pembroke.


The Duchy of Bayside sits to the south of the Northern Marches and in between Booth and Fallin’Thal. It is ruled by the House of Pembroke and is the Capital of the Kingdom of Pembroke.


The further realm north and east, the Realm of Leyovia is ruled by House Pepis. It is bordered by the Northern Marches and Fallin’Thal.


South of Sterline, Galah is a coastal Barony ruled by House Karle and only has a small port on the River of Gold.


South of Galah and bordered by Varte, Bylin’thal and the River Darme, the Duchy of Calindrost is ruled by House Calinda.


The Duchy of Varte is ruled by House Stephan. It has ports on the River of Gold and the River Darme and is bordered by the Ashenath Plains.

Ashenath Plains

The Ashenath Plains are west of Varte and nestled between the Rivers of Gold and Darme. It is not a Realm as it has no central governance, but is a large collection of nomadic Tribes.

Raiders of the Islands

The Raiders of the Islands are a group of barbarous sailors who live on Islands far to the north and east of Algalon, but who occasionally raid the coast.

Lands of the North

You know that there are more human settlements north of the Borderlands, notably the city of Holdsfast, but you know very little about it.



The Elves of the Forest of Light live in the southeast of Algalon, stretching deep into the Thousand Kingdoms.


The Elves of the Forest of Deer are in the northeast of Algalon and is a split Forest north and south of Leyovia.


The Forest of Green is far to the west, bordering the Ashenath Plains and stretching north of the River of Gold and south of the River Darme.


Iron Kingdom

The Iron Kingdom is a community of dwarves. You know very little about it.

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