Gods are real, but have removed themselves from the world. The All-Father, Tallif, decided after the rebellion of his son Xatec, that their power was too great, and that another war between the Gods would kill these young creatures.

The Gods reside deep in the earth. People bury their loved ones to help speed their way to the underworld paradise. Enemies will burn the dead to send their spirits into the sky and prevent them from finding their way.

The Church is a powerful entity in Algalon and devotion to all of the Gods is expected, though people often worship one as their patron deity.

The Gods


The All Father, the Wise. He is chief among the Gods and is recognized for his Wisdom.


The Mother, the Compassionate. Shallac is Tallif’s wife and is the voice of mercy.


The Warrior, the True. Tarc is the first-born of Tallif and Shallac. He defended his family from the Mad God, Xatec, and has been scorned by his father ever since.


The Miller’s Wife, the God of Beauty. Billintith is the only daughter of Tallif and Shallac. She is mischievous and is worshiped by artist, but is also prayed to during illicit affairs. She is married to Fallath.


The Hunter, the God of the Night. Gintred is the fourth-born of Tallif and Shallac and is the loner of the Gods. He revels in the solitary hunt.


The God of the Book, the Reader. Intin is the wife of Tarc and is the voice of logic and cold reason.


The Knighted God, God of the Horse. The daughter of Silloc, Bry is the valiant God and is good friends with Tarc.


The God of Wine, the Joyous. The brother of Intin and Bry, Fallath is the God of leisure and fun and is the jester among the other Gods. Fallath is married to Billinton.


The God of the Hearth, the Protector. Silloc is Shallac’s brother and is asked to bless a new home.


The God of the Sea, the Fickle God. Algatha is the uncle of Tallif. He is the reason that the sea provides sea and trade, but also provides hurricanes and death.


God of the Smithy. Chaldon is the determined God, alone at his forge deep in the earth. He is another uncle of Tallif.

The Keeper

God of the Dead. The Keeper is the God who shepherds people into the afterlife.

Algatha, Chaldon, and the Keeper are sometimes referred to as the neutral Gods or the uncaring Gods.


The Mad God. Xatec is the second-born of Tallif and Shallac. When Tarc married Intin, he went mad and plotted to kill Tallif and Tarc. When he was unsuccessful, Tallif banished him to the Moon Ael, darkening the moon.

The Origins of the Gods

Although not technically known, the Church teaches a unified Origin Story, telling of how Father Sun and Mother Fema created the Gods.

The Church also teaches of Vice and how Xatec broke the Gods and caused them to leave the mortal races in their tale of the Breaking of the Gods.

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