Smuggler's Cove


Smuggler’s Cove sits on the southern coastline of Calindrost. It is the last major city before you reach the Elven forest of Bylin’thal.


This is a ship building yard, and serves small merchants and fisherman up and down the coast. It lacks the ability to build the big ships that are crafted in Calinport.

City Center

A grass area in a central area. This area is surrounded by merchants and acts as the gathering area for the city

Bittle Mansion

A large estate, gated and guarded, that houses Baron Bittle and his family. It is the largest complex in the city.

North Shore

A neighborhood of sailors and city dwellers that is just a step above a slum. It is well known that the area is under the sway of the smuggler’s ring and several houses are rumored to be holds for contraband.

Ruling Family

House Bittle rules over Smuggler’s Cove and the outlying lands, including Riverwalk Village and the Elvish Spirits Inn.


Smuggler’s Cove is so named because of the sheltered docks that were developed by pirates and criminals seeking to avoid tariffs.

Pirate’s have long been cleared out of the area, but the smuggler’s remain and still have tight control over the docks.

Smuggler's Cove

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