Southern Command

This is the smaller of the two fighting Commands. Southern Command is placed strategically close to Stallion Road to protect the coastal and farming regions of Calindrost, but is intended to be more defensive than offensive.


Lord General Ebren Val’Yolan

The brother of Earl Yolan, General Ebren is a large, soft man. He leads the Southern Regiment, but allows most of the decisions to be made by the staff.

Lady Captain Christiana Val’Calinda

The Aide-de-Camp of Southern Command, Captain Christiana serves as the liaison between Southern Command and Home Command and the General Staff. She is a poor soldier, but an excellent administrator and has a good eye for logistics. She is the younger sister of Duke Calinda.

Captain Melvin Galling

Captain of A Company, Captain Galling is the definition of a sergeant, grizzled and gruff. Unfortunately, he is not a Sergeant, but a Captain in charge of the main fighting force of Southern Command. He is a fine soldier, capable of leading troops into a battle plan someone else has designed. For an unknown reason, he is missing the skin from the right side of his face and wears a half mask made of iron to hide his disfigurement.

Lord Captain Andrew Fix

Captain Fix is the head of B Company, which is in charge of Special Tactics and other auxiliary forces. Along with his sister in Northern Command, he is attempting to retake his family’s land from House Stephan who stole it from them. He is a soft spoken man who is pushed around by his subordinates.

Lady Captain Karissa Hill nee Venis

Captain Hill is the head of C Company which is in charge of the defense of the Camp. Captain Hill is essentially on loan from House Odronic. House Hill and House Bittle had a treaty from long ago which House Odronic felt was appropriate to honor at this time. They also wanted Captain Karissa to get some training at Calinda’s expense.

Captain Jo

Head of Special Tactics, Captain Jo is the only commoner on Southern Command’s Staff. She is a strong and undeterred woman of middle age.

Libris Valistaina

A high elf, dressed in proper and loose greens and browns, Lord Libris is a Lord of the Sixth Circle. He is an elf from Gy’thal and is advising Southern Command and the Army of the Coast in general on strategy, particularly the archers.

Sir Cedric

A Knight of the Order of the Hawk, Sir Cedric is a man of immense size, but a gentle demeanor. He appears to just be observing, but does not offer advice.


Southern Command is housed two days south of The Duke’s Training Grounds in a large, open area near the Stallion Road.

Fort Silver

Named for the Silver River, Fort Silver is a small Border Fort built into one of the hills. It is the most southern of the Border Forts and is commanded by Captain Mel and houses 50 scouts and infantry men.

Fort Nasi

Named for one of the Tribes that has long since been destroyed, Fort Nasi has been cut off from Calindrost’s military and it’s current status is unknown. The Fort is, or was, commanded by Captain Alison Val’Bittle, a young cousin of Baron Bittle. It had a complement of infantry and light cavalry.

Fort Copped

The former small base of the party, this Fort has now fallen into Vartian hands.


As a defensive force, but one placed more as a threat of violence than an actual force, the emphasis has been put on speed in Southern Command. Therefore, the only heavy forces are part of C Company. The rest of the forces are light infantry, light cavalry, and archers.

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Southern Command

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