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The House of Stephan is an old house, dating back to the Talnathean Empire. It is said that the ancestors of the House were prominent figures in Sterline, a Talnathean outpost, and that Stephan himself was the Captain of the Horse.

Over time, Stephan carved out his own land south of the River of Gold and was given title to the land stretching south of Sterline, to the River Darme. Frequent battles with other Lords and Ladies, as well as with the Tribes in the Ashenath Plains have shrunk their domain to the lands of Varte.


Duke Alton Stephan

Duke Alton is an elder and venerated warrior. He has led Varte for 40 years and is coming to the end of his life. He is known for having good relationships with the Tribes and for increasing the profile of Varte.

Duchess Nina Stephan nee Sapphyn

Duchess Nina, now deceased, was Alton’s loving wife for 36 years. From House of Sapphyn, rulers of Han, she was beloved and respected.

Lord Robin Stephan, the White Rider

Lord Robin is the driving force behind Varte and the House. He is known for his prowess, particularly from the saddle. He is followed by the White Riders, a band of cavalry who lead the Vartian armies.

Lady Altina Stephan

Lady Altina is a young, small woman. She is known for her poetry and beauty.


You know very little of the House’s relationships other than the war with Duke Calinda.

Safe to say they have a good relationship with House Sapphyn.

Relationship with You

House Stephan is unaware of your existence.

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