Tallif is the Father of the Gods. He and Shallac, his loving wife, reign over the Gods deep below the ground. He is generally portrayed as an thin, elderly, but vibrant man with a long, white beard.


The All Father
The Wise
The King of the Gods
The God of Men
The God of the Sky

Temple of the Father

Adherents of Tallif worship in the Temple of the Father, which is located in eastern Malte, in the Valley of the Father. The Temple itself is a small, one room wooden church, built in a circle, with 13 sections, each tapering to a single chair facing a small, raised altar and basin.

The church has seen several additional buildings built on its grounds, including a large, more traditional church with rowed pews and an altar at the front, several administrative buildings, and substantial housing for the Congress of the Gods.

Priests of the All Father

Priests of the All Father are the most numerous of the priestly orders. Pacifists, they often work for the health and safety of peasants and lords alike. They are well regarded as orators and diplomats, serving to mediate conflict.

Priests of the All Father wear sky blue robes and a pendant of a broken sword.


Tallif’s primary virtue is Wisdom.
His secondary virtues are Fairness and Faith.
His vice is arrogance.

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