The Ashenath Plains are home to a large number of varying communities called tribes. The tribes are comprised of multiple civilizations that fled ahead of the Talnathean Empire from the south.

Common Characteristics

Primitive weapons – metal is a rare commodity in the Plains and therefore most weapons are stone or hardened ceramics. That is not to say that the weapons are inefficient or weak.

Rigid gender roles – unlike the provinces and duchies from which you hail, men and women are placed into strict gender roles. Men are warriors, and live on the hunt. They take leadership positions and speak for the Tribe. Women are charged with running the Tribes while the men are away, and under advice of elder males. They are to raise the children, tend the farms, and obey their husbands, or their male relatives.

Limited slavery – A warring tribe will take the young males of another tribe and set them to work. You have heard that sometimes slaves are set free and that they do not take female slaves.

War – war is a way of life for the Tribes. While very few people die in their wars, you have been told that they are an extremely violent people.

Horsemanship – The Tribes had horses long before Coasters, and they are quite skilled at riding.

Important Tribes

Broken Tree Hill – This is one of the northernmost Tribes and has been known to raid boats stopped on the southern bank of the River of Gold.

Horse Bones Grave – This is one of the easternmost Tribes. It is a constant annoyance to House Stephan and often steals horses from Varte.

Black Crow Stone – This is the only Tribe that has been friendly with Coasters and other Lords of the River of Gold. Crow Stone Jewelry is highly fashionable.

Two Feathers – A rarely seen Tribe that does not border any of the River of Gold. They are feared by other tribes.

Important Tribesmen

Jonu Black Crow Stone – The lead trader of the Black Crow Stone is well known among the nobility and high classes. His name has trickled down to the masses, but you do not truly know anything of him.

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