The Duchy of Varte lies between the River of Gold and the River Darme. To the east is the Duchy of Calindrost and the Barony of Galah. The western border is an irregular line, depending on the nomadic Tribes hunting grounds.

Ruling Family

The House of Stephan and Duke Alton Stephan rule Varte.


The primary farming is along the River of Gold.

The two primary trades are Vartian Horses, large herds of horses that are prized racers and war horses; and pottery.

Points of Interest


Chiefsmoot is the Seat of House Stephan and sits in the middle of the Barony of Ashenath.


Steedscross, in the Barony of Rivers Hollow, is the economic capital of Varte and sits along the River of Gold.

The Corral

This is a large place where horse breeder’s gather and is where the Church of the Horse, honoring the God Bry, is located.

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