House Vilson is a powerful house that controls the City-State of Brideway. The House is comprised of the people who predated the Talnathean Empire, and whose land was gradually taken away from them by the settlers. The House holds a powerful position at the convergence, or marriage, of the River of Gold and the Ithda River.


Governor Dennis Vilson, Governor of the City-State of Brideway. Governor Dennis is an angry man, prone to fits of rage which make him an ineffective ruler, but a fierce and unpredictable opponent.

Governess Farrow Vilson nee Boothe. The wife of Vilson is a patient and calm woman who rules much of the day to day business of the House.

General Monica Vilson. The first and only daughter of the House currently leads the troops of Brideway in their war against Ameriland and House Ruddin.

Lord Mayor Darron Vilson is the Mayor of the City-State and, together with Governess Farrow, controls the day to day of the City-State. He is the brother of the Governor.


The House of Vilson is fiercely independent and you have heard rumors of war between Vilson and Ruddin. They maintain a very friendly relationship with the Tribes of the Ashenath Plains.

Relationship to You

House Vilson is unaware of your existence.

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