Lords of the River of Gold

Chapter 1 Session 4

Back to the Road

KittyAs dusk settled over Southern Command on the 5th day of Play, the Unit, after seeing to their injuries and to Mandy’s well-being, heard a knock upon the wood outside their door.

Corporal Cyrus and his right-hand man Quentin entered the tent. Cyrus, straight to the point, asked them to describe their previous mission in order to know them better. Apparently, you were the first squad to be assigned to Special Tactics straight out of training, and many people had their eyes on you. He asked multiple follow-up questions about the reasons for their actions, cautious to not say that he would have done differently.

Listening to your answers carefully, he eventually told you that he was unhappy with the way Special Tactics was run. It was his desire to take you under his command, and to use the influence gained to eventually convince the generals that a more honorable Special Tactics was a better idea than the ruthless, amoral squads under Captain Jo. He did not hide the fact that such a decision would mean a promotion for him.

While the party deliberated, Corporal Len entered and made tried to convince them to remain under his command, but to no avail.

The next day, Cyrus handed them their orders: to proceed to the town of Riverwalk and escort a food supply wagon that had come down from Aron’s Market and would come to Southern Command to buffer their food supply. Cyrus explained that the wagon leader, Hamnet, was a serious man who ruled his caravan with an iron grip, but was a disaster in a crisis.

More importantly, he indicated that he was concerned that they were sending a Special Tactics unit on a simple escort mission and promised to send word of any problems if he discovered anything.

And so you set out on horseback, an uncomfortable spot for most of you. It was midday when the first excitement happened. Mewling was heard from across the plains, and Calvin and Mercy dismounted to investigate. To their surprise, they found a small Eastern Tawny Lion, freshly weaned, with an arrow lodged in its leg. As Mercy nursed it back to health with Nix‘s help, Alice found the cat’s dead mother; shot with hunting arrows.

The crew continued on, cat curled up in Mercy’s lap. It was a boring, meaningless time of idle talk as each told stories of their childhood. Koram remembered that he knew the caravan leader Hamnet and his wife Irma, from his youthful pranks. Hamnet was a favored target.

On the second night, Alice met with a soldier sent by Corporal Cyrus, who warned them of a rift between the Mayor of Riverwalk and the Captain of the Guards. Apparently, Earless Miranda Dufton was ailing and had no heir. The city elite had devolved into factions to position themselves to gain power.

By the end of the third day of travel, the 8th day of Play, the party had only seen one other person on the road, a slightly suspicious, or possibly just confused, farmer who asked questions about Southern Command. The party passed by and into the city of Riverwalk, where they made their way past the Peach Orchards and the terminus of the River of Silver, and up to the Shallows Inn.


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