Lords of the River of Gold

Prologue: The Story Begins pt. 3

The Exercise Begins

It is the 27th day of Newbirth, the Unit, now led by Phillip Bittle spent their last 30 minutes deciding on a course of action.  After considerable thought, with varying opinions heard by all, it was decided that the risk to Jonathan and Baronet Bittle was too high to take no action, but not certain enough to give up the quest for the Flag.  A plan was developed that would allow Koram and Alice to spy on Tyson Perl and Jonathan’s Unit, while Nix, Bittle, and Mercy ran for the flag.  Calvin would offer support with a bow.

The trumpet sounded the beginning of the exercise and the Unit bolted into action.  Towards the center, Mercy quickly ran ahead, Nix and Bittle following behind.  Calvin, having taken to archery like a fish to water, quickly placed arrows in two of the Blue Strikers, who sank to the ground in defeat.  To the north, Alice and Koram quickly ran into trouble with three brutes from Jonathan’s Unit.  It became apparent that they were not following the rules when Koram’s arrow sheared off a part of an ear, yet the brute came on.

Mercy and Nix entered the building, but could not find the flag.  Calvin, from behind tagged one of Felicia Dixon’s runners, but could not act fast enough to get both.  By the time Mercy had started her search upstairs, the bottom of the House was filled with Nix, Lord Perl, Felicia and two of her archers. 

A blood curdling scream was heard across the battlefield, as Koram produced his best death scene, in hopes of attracting attention.  Unfortunately, no one seemed to be interested.  Alice and Koram continually dodged in and out of the way of the three brutes, who landed several solid blows on Alice.  But she accomplished her goal of keeping them from discovering Baronet Bittle’s location. 

Inside the House, Baronet Bittle and Mercy searched the top floor hurriedly, knowing that time was running out.  Finally, Mercy spotted a small blue square under a bed and made a grab for it.  Downstairs, Lord Perl planted his spiked gauntlets into Felicia, who was unable to dodge away. However, her archer was able to direct a blow into Perl’s shoulder, and both of them sat down.  With no other combatants left, the archers turned their sights on Nix.  Calvin turned to see a sneaking Joshua Obbel backing away.  A quick arrow and he threw his daggers down in defeat.

Back to the North, the three brutes, frustrated by Alice’s unwillingness to get out of their way, called out to their comrade, who brought Jonathan out as a hostage.  Koram, thinking on his feet, engaged the slow-witted brutes in a dialogue that they had no chance of keeping up with, dizzying them with rhetoric.
Calvin, moving into a more advantageous position fired an arrow past Nix’s head and into the chest of an archer.  Nix, now being joined by Bittle, raised her shield just in time to prevent two, point-blank archers from making her into a pin cushion.  She and Bittle engaged the remaining combatant in melee, who seemed adept at avoiding their strikes.

Mercy, having pulled out the entire, bed-sized flag, leaped out of the window down to Calvin, turning an ankle.  She did not let that effect her though, carrying through with the plan and bolted to the northern hut.  Calvin followed, but stopped when he saw Jonathan on his knees in front of an axe man.

Alice and Koram, on the point of capitulation were stunned to see an arrow rock the axe man in the side, as Calvin expertly placed an arrow to knock the man away from Jonathan.  Jonathan, seeing an unarmed Alice coming towards him, threw a dagger to his sister as he got up to bolt from the scene.  Alice grabbed the dagger and charged the axeman, hoping to buy time for Jonathan’s escape. 

Finally dispatching the archer, Nix and Bittle followed the sounds of battle and entered the fray in time to stop a brute from reaching the sniper that Calvin was channeling.  The axe sliced through Alice’s arm as her deadly wounds began to take their toll.  Koram, finally out of words, faces man by himself as two of the brutes have moved toward Bittle, who called for help.

Mercy, focused on the flag in her hands, got to the tent, but spied the rest of the Blue Strikers setting a trap for her, but set up the wrong way! 

Will help finally come?  Are the remaining Blue Strikers and Felicia’s Archer part of the plot to kill Bittle?  Will Jonathan make it to safety?  Will Alice survive her brutal wounds?  Will they win the exercise?


danielworrall danielworrall

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