Lords of the River of Gold

Prologue: The Story Begins pt. 2

Problems Arise

You awoke on the 21st day of Newbirth, tired and sore from the activities of last night to a general call. Waking, it seemed the Alice was nowhere in sight, but there was no time to investigate.

As you made your way to the marshaling grounds, you saw that everyone was in attendance, and that the four deserters were bound before William Eton. He declared that they had not actually deserted the army, based on your actions. Yardem, the thief, was given a thief’s Brand on his arm, and the others were given five lashes. In a surprising move, the Captain placed the four deserters under the command of your Unit, and told you that the time they spent doing your work you would spend learning tactics.

He also honored you with the Calindrost Ribbon of Loyalty.

After meeting and dealing with Matthew, a young, eager trainee who wished to please the Unit; Aron, a brutish, older trainee who blamed the Unit for his capture; and Dyllon, who is grateful to, but hates the Unit, you decided to place Koram in control of the trainees so that the Unit could have a single voice.

At evening, Alice came back, with a Cleric of Tarc in tow. It was revealed that not only was it a Cleric, but it was the Bishop himself, down from the Northern Marches. You did not see him again, but you know that he will bless everyone at the closing ceremonies.

Your tactics lessons began, along with the four Noble and Named trainees in the camp, Phillip Bittle, Felicia Dixon, Joshua Obbel, and Tyson Perl.

The days passed much as before, and soon the training was coming to its last days. You were told that you had been selected to participate in a final exercise, and that winning it would bring you Honor and Glory, if not wealth. You strategized your game of Capture the Flag, and discovered that you would be lead by the handsome Baronet Bittle.

At that point, Alice’s brother Jonathan hurriedly beckoned her to talk privately and told her that the Baronet must remain in their “base” house. When pressed, he said that if the Baronet was not there, that his Unit would kill him. Alice told him to get out of combat and stay somewhere safe during the exercise.

Now the party must decide, what will happen to the Baronet? What will happen to Jonathan? What will happen to the Flag? Can they do it all, and what happens if they don’t?


danielworrall danielworrall

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