Captain Alice

A sail maker's daughter from Smuggler's Cove


Alice is the daughter and apprentice of a sail maker who would rather be in a crow’s nest than on the ground. She joined the military in the hope of sparing her brother from being conscripted. That obviously didn’t work.

Alice went to The Duke’s Training Grounds with Calvin, Nix, Mercy d. 821 P.T, and Koram, and further on with the Calindrost military as part of Southern Command.

After the abandonment of Fort Copped, Alice left the party and traveled back to her family at Smuggler’s Cove. Shortly, she took passage aboard the Coral Delight and began her life of piracy.

After the death of the Pirate Captain Sarah Beth, Alice, along with Captains Sharktooth and Peter the Fair combined to become a potent weapon against an invasion from the Talnathean Empire.

Captain Alice

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