Bases and Base Building

Base and Base Building

Your Base will have stats; as will your Company. Some stats are secret and some are known.

Base Concepts

Defense: which can be increased by placing soldiers in defense, or by increasing the ways in which you can defend it. This will determine bonuses to your company’s rolls to defend the place.

Materials: This is the sort of basic materials you have on hand for general repairs and maintenance. This is used and purchase like wealth, meaning it can be used up if used for something more than its intended.

Capacity: Meaning the number of soldiers/support that can be housed. Right now, you have capacity for 50 soldiers. It can be increased by tunneling, or buying/renting other buildings in the square. If you get places not in the square, those would be their own bases.

Secret stats could include things like internal security (spies!), foundation, notoriety of location.

Perks could include: Watchtower; Torture Chamber; Secret Entrance; Trapped entrance.

Problems could include: Blind Spots, Weak Locks, Easy to Watch

Company Stats

Soldiers: The number of soldiers at your disposal.

Experience: Self-explanatory

Equipment: Self-Explanatory

Secret Stats include: Morale, Professionalism, Fame (how well known), Reputation (known as good/bad)

Perks could include: Excellent Trainer, Mounted Soldiers, Musicians, Rich Patron

Problems could include: Enemies, Known Errors; Internal Dissension, Slovenly Attire.

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Bases and Base Building

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