Calinport is a walled city, with a large, protected port and Castle Calindoor, which sits high atop the Dour Cliffs, overlook the city and its piers. It is the capital of Calindrost and the seat of House Calinda.

The Piers

The Piers is the section of the city the houses the warehouses and port. It is protected from violent weather by its position among the Cliffs and protected from enemies by a low wall around that section of the city.

Access to the Piers is limited and one can go there only if on business. There are no residences within The Piers, except for sleeping quarters for visiting sailors. No one is allowed in or out of The Piers after nightfall, and each of the Inns that houses sailors are locked and guarded at night. This is both to protect against foreign spies and also against foreign disease.

Off the old Long Pier is a structure build into the cliff, but is partially submerged. This is the Prison.

The Markets

The Markets is the section of town which houses, oddly, the stores and tradesmen. Currently, the Markets are overseen by a small group of tradesmen and merchants called the Council of Silver, that oversee trade in the city for the Duke. Prominent citizens and merchants reside in this area, often above their shops, or off of the Center Square, where the tent markets are.

The Markets bisect the city and extend from the Front Gate to the Gate to The Piers.

The North City

North City extends from the Markets, north to Castle Calindoor. This section of the city houses the military and military housing, forming a protective circle around the Castle Gate. This section is also where visiting nobility stay, when not invited to the Castle, where the finest taverns and inns are, and is where the prominent shippers and ship owners live. It’s the fancy part of town.

The South City

South City extends from the Markets, south to the city walls and South Gate. This section of the city houses the fishers, stall workers, porters, and haulers of the city. It is the poor area of town and the seedier bars and dilapidated inns are located here. Crimes is generally kept to a minimum by the frequent patrolling of guards, but a criminal element certainly exists.

The Gate Town

Outside of the South Gate and south of South City is the Gate Town. This is the small collection of tents and ramshackle huts that the poorest of the poor live in. It is offered almost no protection from the guards and crime is rampant. residents must reside 50 feet from the walls at any time, and any tents or shacks put up near the Castle Gate or the Market Gate are immediately burned and its owners placed in prison.

Castle Calindoor

The Castle is a large, white stoned castle that was clearly built as a military establishment and not as a palace. It sits atop of the Dour Cliffs, for which the city was previously named, and holds a key tactical advantage. The path to the village is clear, and offers several bottlenecks with guard posts. You have not seen the inside of the Castle, but you have heard it is as defensible as the outside.

Castle Calindoor is unique in that it serves both as the Castle for House Calinda, but also as the lighthouse, a large tower of the castle provides light on the port throughout the night. It is said that the Duke’s winter chambers are just below the fire.


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